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Innovative Specialty Pharmaceutical Company

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Who we are

Xeolas Pharmaceuticals is an innovative specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development of patient-friendly medicines for a variety of indications.

We are passionate about tackling complex pharmaceutical development projects and realising solutions for patients with unmet medical needs.

Why choose us?
Products developed by Xeolas Pharmaceuticals are approved in all major EU markets and marketed by our partners across Europe and worldwide.


Our Research and Development activities are focused in developing medicinal products for niche markets. We specialize in value-added, innovative or novel formulations of established active substances. The approach is summarized in our REMAP (Re-evaluate Established Molecule to Address Patient-need) approach to product development.


Our state of the art facility is licensed by the HPRA in Ireland for the manufacture of medicinal products in accordance with EU Good Manufacturing Practices. We are also licensed to manufacture Investigational Medicinal Products (for clinical trials).

Our R&D facilities allow us to undertake complex R&D projects and create, test and manufacture products for the market. Our in-house resources not only allow us to focus on a wide range of projects, but also enable a rapid and efficient progress through the various stages of pharmaceutical development – from formulation to clinical testing through to regulatory submission and commercial supply.








Our PICS (Protection and In-situ Constitution System) platform allows us to develop the next generation of patient friendly medicines. In particular, the platform enables the development and manufacture of liquid formulations (solutions and suspensions) of active ingredients with limited stability.


We collaborate closely with partners across the world and are proud of our long-standing relationships. Our focus is on novel therapeutic medicines that can positively affect the lives of patients with specialty needs.
If you have a collaboration proposal, we welcome the opportunity to speak or meet with you. Please email or contact Xeolas Pharmaceuticals.


Xeolas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
DCU Campus
Dublin 9
Email: info@xeolas.com
Voice: +353 1 9023069