Improving medication compliance and adherence in patients suffering from osteoporosis

Patient Need

Osteoporosis Treatment (compliance/adherence in women’s health)

Osteoporosis medications are generally prescribed to elderly female patients with an average age of 74 years1

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The Challenges:

  • Tablet medications must be taken:
    • first thing in the morning on an empty stomach,
    • with 200mls of water,
    • patient staying upright for 30 minutes,
    • cannot be crushed or taken with food or drinks
  • Swallowing difficulty common among elderly people

This means patient compliance is a major problem - 50-60% of patients discontinue treatment within one year.2

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Meeting the unmet need

A solution to compliance/adherence problems in the treatment of osteoporosis.


A novel, patented orange flavoured drinkable oral solution presented as 100ml single use, once weekly treatment


Bonasol® is a patient-friendly, senior-friendly formulation.

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The formulation provides important compliance-enhancing and clinical features. The dosage form has been optimised for a drug with very low bioavailability by formulating as an oral solution which facilitates more rapid access.3

Unique product

The gold-standard medicine for the treatment of osteoporosis in patient-friendly, senior-friendly presentation is a unique product – there is no other non-tablet, non-injectable bisphosphonate product approved or marketed in Europe.


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